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Nature Playgroup 9 months - 3 years

Bring your child to play in the woods with other babies and meet like-minded parents for some relaxing fun while learning and sharing ways to facilitate social and play skills in nature.

Forest Kindergarten / Nature Preschool 2.5 years - 6 years

Drop off your child for a morning of educational play with friends in the woods, while you get some precious hours to run errands or work. Rest assured that as your child runs, climbs, uses tools, draws, paints, listens to stories, sings, collects and observes creatures and plants, and has conversations with friends and play partners, they will thrive as they learn together while immersed in Nature, increasing their school readiness, and so much more!

Nature Explorers 5 years - 13 years

Drop off your child for some adventure play in the woods where they will make friends as they build wilderness skills, all while applying STEM knowledge, engaging in creative dramatics, drawing, painting, and creating.


Bushcraft 7 years - 14 years

Wouldn't you love your children to learn the techniques, tools, and explore various ways of thinking that can help them out in unfavorable situations?

Not only will they gain new knowledge and techniques but they will gain a greater appreciation of nature and their own abilities.


2023 Summer Camps 3 years - 13 years

Summer can be a time for magic, rebirth, and hope. When you need some activity throughout the long summer months for your loved ones, Piedmont Forest School can be a joyful place for your children to attend. Rest assured, your children will be loved and cared for here at PFS as well as heard and accepted for who they are. Not only does our summer camp offer the exhilaration of unstructured free play, but we also provide our students with the opportunities to make memories they will cherish for a lifetime. Whether it’s making a bow and arrow from loose parts, catching and releasing fish by the creek, or painting rocks to bring home to a loved one, PFS offers these opportunities and so much more. Come join us!